12. Usher "Nice & Slow" (1998)

Director: Hype Williams
Album: My Way

If it's seven o'clock on the dot, you know where Usher will be: dancing on top of a partitian with his shirt barely buttoned. That's how the "Nice & Slow" video kicks off, but before long, the young Ursh is making out with Kimora Lee Simmons and playing guitar in front of the Eiffel Tower. But why stop there? Director Hype Williams then has the couple stopped in the middle of the highway, where Usher is assaulted and Russell's former wifie is abducted and kept in a cage.

Things don't get any nicer or slower from there, as Usher proceeds to rescue his girl by entering some abandoned building on a motorcycle (with an eye patch), creating a diversion, and leg-sweeping his enemies just in time for he and his boo to escape. Ever the explosives expert, the building is blasted to pieces as the two flee the scene.

"Nice & Slow" was Usher's first No. 1 single, and the singer, who was 20 at time, lets his youthful ambition show in this vid. Dance around shirtless in Paris, defeat local gangsters, and save the girl? Must be nice. Ted Simmons