22. Total "Can't You See?" (1995)

Director: Sean "Puffy" Combs
Album: Total

This video finds Puffy sitting on the director's chair and stepping into his aesthetic, though not quite taking it to the maximalist conclusion auteurs like Hype Williams would help him later achieve. You can see some of the elements that would later appear in the other Bad Boy vidoes: The coordinated outfits (Total in all black everything, Big and Puffy in pants as white as Tommy Hilfiger), the flawless location, and the pristine gloss of the cinematography. Our only beef: Watching this video on YouTube just doesn't do it justice. Can we please get someone to post an HD version of this? We're trying to see Puffy being all in the video dancing while Big raps so we can make a GIF out of it. Insanul Ahmed