8. Salt-n-Pepa f/ En Vogue "Whatta Man" (1993)

Director: Matthew Rolston
Album: Very Necessary

The song was already one of the greatest pop collaborations of its time: R&B girl group En Vogue and the first truly successful all-female rap group, Salt-N-Pepa. But the clip was a challenge: Videos driven by women in a starring role (as opposed to that of props for male rappers) was still, even then, territory that needed more mapping. So director Matthew Rolston-who'd already directed for En Vogue before with the "My Lovin (Never Gonna Get It)" clip-went with what he knew best: Take these two incredibly sexy acts, and dress them in their sexiest, and get their natural charisma firing on all cylanders.

How much coaching Rolston had to give the two actsif anwe may never know. We do, however, know this: The girls just being girls (when they weren't hot, naked sillouettes or in a bubble bath), rapping and having a good time, interspersed with cuts of the namesake men, Spinderella on a bear rug, and ending with some lady-on-man chair dancing resulted in a classic clip that won three VMAs that year (Best Choreography, Best R&B Video, Best Dance Video) and shot Salt-N-Pepa further into fame than they already were. [Of note: Any video where cameos by Treach and 2Pac go missed by most people has to have something great going on in it.] Foster Kamer