27. Sade "Cherish The Day" (1993)

Director: Sophie Muller
Album: Love Deluxe

"Timeless" is an overused word when talking about music; for the most part, people say it when they mean, "This is music that I like." But Sade is a special case. The group's music seems particularly insulated against the sweeping changes and trends of the record industry, each song a perfect archetype of poised sexuality and romantic bravery. Similarly, their videos have a classy, artful and aesthetically timeless look, particularly once the group reached the 1990s, and the '80s fashions were left by the wayside.

Even deciding which Sade video would make the cut is a challenge; "Kiss of Life" is awash in color, reds and greens and late-night lights giving the song's intimate message an appropriately sensual visual, while "Ordinary Love"'s underwater mermaid video is a fantastically surreal setpiece. But it's the simplicity and beauty of "Cherish the Day" that stands above the rest, as Sade Adu stands amongst New York City, surrounded by skyscrapers, hand wrapped around the neck of her guitar. It's a stark, iconic video, and one as timeless as the buildings around it. -David Drake