7. R. Kelly "Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)" (1995)

Director: R. Kelly, Hype Williams
Album: R. Kelly

Truly one of the great cinematic experiences in all '90s R&B music history, R. Kelly's "Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)" wasn't just about the musical alignment of one of the '70s defining sensual legacy acts with the '90s most lascivious leading light. It introduced the Mr. Biggs saga to the world as well. Mob boss Mr. Biggs was played by Ronald Isley; he's introduced at the beginning of this video as a wealthy man headed on a business trip. R. Kelly shows up at the mansion of Mr. Biggs, who gives him a stack of money and "keys to the Bentley," asking that he take out Mr. Biggs pretty young wife, Lila (played by Garcelle Beauvais), giving her "anything that she asks for." "But you must never touch her," Mr. Biggs adds ominously. You can already see where this is headed.

"Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)" was a song about temptation and internal torment over forbidden love. Mr. Biggs discovers the duo's secret; his goons beat Kells and leave him for dead in the middle of the desert. While he recovers in a hospital....well, we'll leave the rest for you to find out. David Drake