3. Michael Jackson "Remember The Time" (1992)

Director: John Singleton
Album: Dangerous

Do you remember the time when music videos where high-budget short films? Michael was one of the best at taking a four-minute song and injecting it with narrative, choreography, characters, intrigue-all of it. It's a testament to the showman and performer MJ was, and "Remember the Time" shows that he knew no limits when it came to his work.

Set in ancient Egypt, the video, directed by John Singleton, shows Eddie Murphy as the pharaoh Ramses, trying to entertain his Queen, supermodel Iman. After two jesters fail and are swept away to be executed ("That's cold," says a gong-ringing Magic Johnson), Michael the wizard enters and mystifies with illusion and nostalgia, singing to Iman about the time they fell in love. Eddie doesn't take too kindly to this reminiscence, and a chase ensues.

The pharaoh's guards are no match for Michael's theatrics and dance moves, though. An elaborate tutting sequence closes out the video, and the gloved one turns back into dust just in time. Michael may not have been a real life wizard, but by providing cinematic moments like this, he showed that his talents were simply magical. Ted Simmons