11. Mary J. Blige "Real Love" (1992)

Director: Marcus Raboy
Album: What's the 411?

To understand some of Mary's appeal back in the day, you need to consider what she wasn't to realize what she was. She wasn't a material girl, she wasn't a pop princess, she wasn't exactly a diva either-though there were elements of all those things. Nah, Mary was real. Mary was the beautiful, fly, wonderful girl down the block but she could belt out vocals with the best of them and she had a hip-hop swagger. That's why the video for "Real Love" is so great even though it wasn't as revolutionary as her music at the time: It pulled off a neat trick of somehow making her look both approachable and iconic. Mary herself isn't actually all that visible throughout the clip, her face is often in the shadows mimicking the album's cover art.

The video is quite unlike the videos Puffy's artists would later become known for. (No, Puffy didn't direct this, but like with all the artists he worked with, you could just feel his presence lurking somewhere) With its simple backdrop, dancers, and the classic "R&B singer standing up against a wall nodding and singing" stance, it was more than enough. Insanul Ahmed