2. Mariah Carey "Honey" (1997)

Director: Paul Hunter
Album: Butterfly

When "Honey" dropped, Mariah Carey and ex-husband Tommy Mottola were in midst of a very public divorce. Naturally, Mariah came out with a video starring herself trapped in a luxurious mansion only to escape to an island and ecstatically frolic on the beach, roll in the sand, spin in circles with her lover-and play with her real life dog. After escaping from the clutches of guest star Eddie Griffin, we see Mariah in what might be her hottest outfit ever. She slow motion hops out of her crib's window, into a pool, and strips off her dress in exchange for a wetsuit, before speeding off on a jet skii. The outfit change is as legendary as the shimmy she does with her dancers in sailor suits aboard the video's boat. "Honey" is everything you want in a music video-a hot song, a sexy singer, action, and swimming in Gucci pumps. Lauren Nostro