23. Mariah Carey f/ Ol' Dirty Bastard "Fantasy (Remix)" (1995)

Director: Mariah Carey
Album: Daydream

If you hate clowns, Ol' Dirty Bastard has your back. In the original video for "Fantasy," a clown greets viewers in the first frame. ODB takes care of that in the remix clip and ties that scary motherfucker up. The video takes you from a day at Coney Island to a night show of Mariah hanging out on top of a Hummer. We watch Mariah riding on the Cyclone, rollerblading on the boardwalk, and flaunting for the camera. ODB gets weird as hell introducing his verse when he dons a short wig, sunglasses, and takes his top off, but soon enough, he's rapping in a flannel windbreaker and Timbs. What a day. Lauren Nostro