39. Keith Sweat "Twisted" (1996)

Director: Paul Hunter
Album: Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat's "Twisted" starts off as a murder-mystery; a police commissioner is killed and robbed, and the culprit-who, as it turns out to the expected surprise of the audience, is a woman-escapes. Hyper-competent as a homicide detective, Sweat tracks her down. But as luck would have it, when Sweat steps out of the car to help an eldery woman with her bags, the criminal uses the distraction as her chance to flee. Is the sly smile she gives at this moment about her great luck, or it could be a deeper psychosexual connection? At any rate, Sweat is disappointed by his complete disregard for procedure regarding arrested suspects. But the story ends in grimmer territory. Hint: someone doesn't make it all the way through...alive. -David Drake