31. Jodeci "Get On Up" (1993)

Director: Marcus Nispel
Album: The Show, the After Party, the Hotel

Jodeci's video for "Get On Up" is far from the average R&B video, and its influence isn't really felt in many of the other clips on this list, but where it is, some of the most memorable instances in the genre can be found with it. An entire black-and-white treatment of Charlotte, North Carolina (where the group was founded) covers the boys on the bus, literally: The guys stand on top of a bus, roll through the city, and assemble themselves what eventually turns into a parade for Jodeci. Not the worst parade. They scoop up folks from the basketball court, from their stoops, from playing jumprope in the street, from wherever, just for the sake of getting on up, as it were, ending the night with what appears to be an entire neighborhood gathered around a bus to dance.

The plot itself was a little blase, but the visuals were stunning if only for how distinct and uncontrived they felt at the time. It was a weirdly neo-soul direction for Jodeci, who were otherwise seen a pop group; this video helped them establish depth and critical attractiveness at a time when groups like Jodeci were finding it harder and harder to make a place for themselves in the contemporary R&B landscape of 1995. -Foster Kamer