9. Janet Jackson "That's The Way Love Goes" (1993)

Director: René Elizondo, Jr.
Album: janet.

Just a bunch of ladies, kicking it in Janet's loft, dancing around to music. It's a really, really simple formula, and compared to Janet's later high-tech repetoire of videos, decidedly lo-fi. And yet: Janet oozes sexuality as she dances with the ladies around the apartment, leaning on walls, looking up at the ceiling, possibly thinking thoughts about her then-husband René Elizondo Jr, who directed the clip. Again, simple, but somehowwith the power of seemingly limitless charisma, especially when metered out and not unleashed full-force, all at oncgolden. And yep, that's definitely future R&B star Jennifer Lopez as a background dancer, moving to star choreographer Tina Landon's moves. Foster Kamer