42. H-Town "Knockin' Da Boots" (1993)

Director: Lionel C. Martin
Album: Fever for Da Flavor

Between R. Kelly, Next and Adina Howard, '90s R&B was all about eliminating innuendo. Songs were literal and imperative; sexuality in song required bald honesty. Parental euphamisms were corny and old hat. Rap music had brought a realness to R&B. Even slow jams weren't immune. "Knockin' Da Boots," while technically a euphamism, was a transparent one; the term was common slang, particularly after the song hit No. 3 on the Hot 100 in 1993. The video intercut footage of a couple engaged in some, erm, romantic activities, and wed it to shots of H-Town's vocalists flirting with the camera. Setting was almost irrelevent. Sometimes they appeared outdoors, in the snow, and other shots were inside. All that mattered was the way each singer made eye contact through the camera, seemingly connecting with each and every listener with confident sexuality. -David Drake