6. Fugees "Killing Me Softly" (1996)

Director: Aswad Ayinde
Album: The Score

Watching this video only makes us think one thing: They need to bring back payphones. Why you ask? Well, the guy on the payphone is in this video was holding it with so much damn swag ('90s tip: Cool people hold a payphone near the mouthpiece, only a square holds it at the middle) that a girl not only eye fucks him but invites him to the men's bathroom for a romp. Meanwhile, Lauryn and the Fugees are chilling in the theater watching a movie having a good time. Of course, it isn't meant to be and a fight breaks out. Now usually, we're the first to call out cats for getting all violent but shiiiiit, you'd be annoyed too if Wyclef was all chanting, "One time, one time," while you were trying to enjoy some high quality cinema. Yet, somehow through it all, Lauryn is all smiles and giggles. It must have been whetever popcorn she was crunching on out of that Fugees memorabilia box. Can someone please tell us where we can get one of those? Insanul Ahmed