26. Destiny's Child "Bills Bills Bills" (1999)

Director: Darren Grant
Album: The Writing's on the Wall

Never forget where Beyoncé started, and no it wasn't from the bottom, it was from the hair salon. Well, this is actually very true. Her mother, Tina Knowles, was a hairdresser when Bey was a kid, so she grew up singing in her mom's salon and asking patrons for a few bucks. So, of course, the video for "Bills Bills Bills" starts off in a hair salon. It was meant as an empowering song for ladies who are stuck paying for all of their dude while he mooches off of her-"a triflin', good for nothing type of brother."

This was the lead single from Destiny Child's second album, and it succeeded not only because of the song, but because in the video, they once again coordinate their outfits and dance moves flawlessly. To boot, it's the last time you see original members LeToya and LaTavia before DC became just 3—Kelly, Michelle, and Bey. -Lauren Nostro