24. Brandy and Monica "The Boy Is Mine" (1998)

Director: Joseph Kahn
Album: The Boy Is Mine/Never Say Never

"The Boy is Mine" was both Brandy and Monica's first No.1 single. They followed up with perfect visuals-feuding neighbors, two of R&B's finest, and Mekhi Phifer. Brandy and Monica are, hence the title, both dating the same guy. They vent to their friends, wait for him to call, and cuddle up with Mekhi in back-to-back scenes. But just when Mekhi thinks he's winning both R&B songstresses-he has to chose between Apt. 6 and Apt. 7. After quite a bit of tension between Brandy and Monica, they unite in the hallway, throw all of his belongings out, and then answer the door together when he comes calling. Take that, boys. -Lauren Nostro