17. Adina Howard "Freak Like Me" (1995)

Director: Hype Williams
Album: Do You Wanna Ride?

Cold shower time. It was the song that inspired Ghostface to brag that he could put its performer to sleep. "Freak Like Me" grabbed a G-funk beat and a particularly suggestive performer named Adina Howard for a track that was very overtly sexual. The video built on the song's obvious sexual undertonesor, perhaps, overtoneby featuring Howard, clad in a leather jacket, grinding in a yellow satin bedspread, winking suggestively, with a fair amount of ass-movement.

Her dancers shook short skirts while fountains sprayed, and Adina and friends flirted at a stoplight before ending up at a dance party to close out the video. But what was most impactful, outside of the plentiful gyrations and cleavage shots, was that Howard's physical presence came with an incontrovertibly aggressive confidence. Notice that she's not even the one unbuckled in the Mercedes convertibleshe's in the drivers seat. David Drake