34. Aaron Hall "I Miss You" (1993)

Album: The Truth

Gotta give it to Aaron Hall, this video kind of had it all. It starts off with Hall in a mansion, and you're thinking it's all gonna be, "I miss my girl and all I have is this empty mansion" but then bam! It goes straight into some raunchy sex shit. Are we even sure they could show this stuff on TV in the '90s? But then, it's all straight relationship and "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" scenes. Then shorty gets preggers and it's all like, "Wait, I thought this was about missing the gir-errr no! No! No! She's not gonna make it." Hall's exasperated singing actually kind of brings weight to those funeral scenes which we really should have seen coming. The video was actually rooted in deep, sincere pain for Hall. He told MTV in 2005, "My first son died. That's why I did the video 'I Miss You.'" -Insanul Ahmed