4. P. Diddy & the Bad Boy Family "Bad Boy For Life" (2002)

Director: Chris Robinson
Album: The Saga Continues...

There goes the neighborhood,' says the old white folks in Perfectown U.S.A. when the Bad Boy bus unloads its crew. Like, this woman really faints when Diddy ascends down those stairs. The video is the triumphant anthem for Diddy and his crew, and as he sits atop his house, he's truly taken the throne. Diddy jams out with Dave Navarro and Travis Barker in the garage, there's a party in the backyard and eventually, all of his curmudgeon neighbors join in on the fun-only after seeing the crew cruising on scooters down the street which leads Diddy to give absolutely no fucks and hit a few golfballs off his roof-Mr. Bentley of course, supplies him with the club and custom BB golfballs. Unfortunately, Ben Stiller comes to break up "Mr. Daddy's" party. Unfortunately, Crazy Town moves in across the street and Diddy will probably end up moving to another crib shortly after.