First Impressions: The 50 Best Album-Opening Songs in Rap History

46. Tru "No Limit Soldiers" (1997)

Producer: Beats By the Pound
Album: Tru 2 Da Game
Label: No Limit Records

U.S. Army Recruitment films leave a lot of room for improvement. You'll teach me how to fly a plane? Watch a damn computer screen? "Be all that you can be"? Instead they should take a tip from Tru's enlistment strategy. Once Mia X starts in with "testin', chin checkin', wreckin' when I'm flexin' on your whole crew" even Quakers are ready join up. "No Limit Soldiers" is a dense and menacing introduction to the dense and menacing 27-song behemoth that is 1997's TRU 2 Da Game. It features Master P and damn near everyone else in the Miller family but you could be sitting atop a tower of gold grills and this moment would still belong to Mia. She is Louisiana dirty to the firmament but the way she delivers her closing rhyme makes you feel she could have shut down G. Rap and Cool J in their party-rocking prime. —Sam Sweet

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