Album: Nothing Was the Same
Producer: Mike Zombie

"Started From The Bottom," much like some of Drake's biggest tracks ("The Motto," "Headlines") initially feels like a sidestep, rather than a bold new directions, but over time works its way into your subconscious. "Started From The Bottom" has that hooky, unforgettable quality, a song that at first feels slight but soon reveals itself to be much greater than its initial impression.

Attacked by critics for representing a "struggle" when he was an artist born of some privilege, Drake doubled down, further trolling those frustrated by his adaptation of hip-hop's language to his personal experiences while simultaneously making an anthem for those very people the critics claim to defend.

With its simple piano accompaniment and a knocking drum track, "Started From The Bottom" has already proven that it will sustain as one of Drake's greatest songs, and it has yet to even peak in popularity. DD