Album: So Far Gone
Producer: Kanye West

"Say What's Real" is the mission statement of So Far Gone—the moment he transitioned from fitting in to standing out. It has everything that makes Drake the artist he is. The naked emotion that oozes out his pores but somehow can't drown the confidence and braggadocio in his bars. It's only right he spazzes out over the instrumental to Kanye's "Say You Will"—808s & Heartbreak served as a lighthouse when Drake's artistic voice was a sea of potential without direction.

The extended verse even has all the things that Drake's haters make fun of him about: A reference to writing rhymes on his Blackberry (before his infamous Hot 97 freestyle), the ex-girl to next girl scenarios that take place in so many Drake songs, and it even opens with the most Drake line ever, "Why do I feel so alone?" He admits to his lust for life when talking about owning a Phantom before he could really afford one and the embarrassment of being around your idols but wanting to be one of them. This was the introduction of the Drizzy we know today. IA