Album: Take Care
Producer: T-Minus

"HYFR" hits you like a ton of bricks. The opening notes are so undeniable. Before anyone even starts rapping, it feels like an event is taking place. Up until "HYFR" rolls around toward the end of Take Care, you know it's a great album, but it's this track that locks Drake's sophomore set in as a moment.

After four bars, Drake launches into a tireless double-time flow about intentions to take a girl out to dinner that turns into a takeout pick-up because of her insatiable sex drive. He texts the same girl later on to share his successes, she says she prayed for it to happen, then he says he loves her. Because he's drunk.

The entire record is a lot of internal conflict, with somber notes and tone that can't be beat. Wayne's verse is an added bonus, but the opening bars are the real treat, and amongst the closest a listener will ever get to the intracies of Drake's psyche. EB