Album: So Far Gone
Producer: Noah "40" Shebib, Keshown Cassel

What kind of rapper admits to taking a drunk girl back to his hotel room and undressing her? Drake, because you know she's (literally, ahem) in the hands of a nice Jewish boy who won't do anything too terrible. More than that, though, "Houstatlantavegas" is a manifestation of Drake's awareness of the scenes he's always surrounded by: a city that's the same regardless of geography, one where it's always All-Star Weekend, and one where he's always as comfortable as he is a little freaked out by all of it. It's also, more than so many others, a team effort: Drake singing over 40's hook here takes the verses and makes a coherent sonic narrative over them, one that'll echo that single word in your head for a long time to come after each repeat listen: "Houstatlantavegas, ah, Houstatlantavegas, ah...FK