Album: So Far Gone
Producer: DJ Khalil

One of the keys to Drake's appeal is his ability to internalize his life and make it relatable. Never did he do it as quickly as he did on "Fear"—a song that captured the moment he was living in. Drake's dreams were coming true but the future remained uncertain and like the artwork for the song suggests, it's easy to drown in newfound success (or get buried alive). The song was the bridge between So Far Gone and Thank Me Later—the stardom before the superstardom and Drake was firing on all cylinders. The songwriting is top-notch, the lyrics are genuine, and DJ Khalil provides one of his best beats.

On the hook, he sings in the first-person but it doesn't sound like Drake talking to the audience as much as "the future" talking to Drake. Evidenced by the fact that on the hook he assures, "Please don't be scared of me" but in the third verse he admits, "I think I'm scared of what the future hold." Like 2Pac once reasoned, "Fear is stronger than love." —Insanul Ahmed