Album: Thank Me Later
Producer: Noah "40" Shebib, Boi-1da, Crada

The abridged EP release of So Far Gone concluded with a new song, "Fear," and that song's last verse ended on the line, "It's funny how money can change everything."

Drake's got a knack for beginnings and endings, especially with regards to albums. He likes neatness and clear connections. "Fireworks," the opener of Thank Me Later, begins, "Money just changed everything," and then he outlines the concerns: fame (the first verse), women (the second verse), and intimacy (the third verse).

All of these things complicate each other. He can't talk about his relationship with Rihanna without discussing the sickly shade of the limelight. And he can't talk about relationships without explaining how his parents divorced. He's going to make the personal public. That's where his power comes from. RS