If you would've told us six years ago that we'd spend hours in the Complex offices making arguments—heated, impassioned arguments—about Jimmy from Degrassi's best rap songs, we would've laughed you off. 

But that's Drake: An improbable success. One who didn't just leave a past career behind, but one who doesn't fit anything else resembling the traditional profile of a star rapper, either. Jewish. Canadian. Half-white. A smooth, R&B singer's vocal chords with a rapper's brainy, emotive, existential id. And one that's turned out an incredible, diverse catalog in a little over half a decade.

From the first two mixtapes to the breakthrough that was So Far Gone, to the bombast spectacle that was Thank Me Later, to the intimate, stunning stylings of Take Care, and everything in-between, Drake's lived several rappers' lives in one. He's a ladies' man, a ride-or-die crewman, a ride-or-die crew leader, a rising rapper who spends, a rising rapper who doubts, a successful rapper who spends to calm the doubts, a rapper who put on for his city in a way nobody has or possibly ever will after, and so much more. Drake means something different to everyone, which is so much of the power behind his success. 

As such, after much debate, and apropos of nothing besides that debate, Complex is proud to present The 50 Best Drake Songs. Thank us later.

Listen to Complex's Best Drake Songs playlists here: YouTube/Spotify/Rdio

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