Producer: RZA
Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Label: Loud

It's difficult to overstate the alien invasion-like effect Wu's debut record had on hip-hop. Prior to the conception of the Wu-Tang Clan, members of the group had dabbled in solo endeavors (RZA as Prince Rakeem, GZA as The Genius, and the initial group as Force of the Imperial Master) before recording what Method Man once described to Complex as, "the posse cut." And a posse they were, attacking the song with a distinct synergy that separated them from everything else on rap's radar. Whether it was Inspectah Deck's metaphoric opening bars, ODB's ruthless growl or RZA's hail mary of a verse, "Protect Ya Neck" was as focused as it was lethal, and each member made their mark in true Shaolin fashion; flawless execution. - Edwin Ortiz