Producer: Sylvia Robinson
Album: Sugarhill Gang
Label: Sugar Hill

The one that started it all. "Rapper's Delight" wasn't the first song to feature rapping but it was the first widely popular rap song. Yet, for all the talk about how "real" rap used to be, it's important to remember that Oliver Wang once called this song what it really is, an "inauthentic fabrication."

The song wasn't recorded by the prominent rappers of the era, instead it was put together label owner Sylvia Robinson, who wanted to cash in on then burgeoning rap culture. She found a couple of around-the-way dudes to rap, found a couple of musicians to play Chic's "Good Times" for 15 minutes straight, and put together a song that changed the world. And despite it all, "Rapper's Delight" is a great rap song, one that still gets burn today. —Insanul Ahmed