Producer: Bass Brothers, Eminem
Album: The Slim Shady LP
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

"My Name Is" might have introduced the world at large to Eminem and made him a part of pop culture's collective consciousness, but it was "Just Don't Give A Fuck" that made him an underground favorite before the fame. After struggling to find his voice on Infinite, Eminem emerged on "Just Don't Give A Fuck" with his Slim Shady persona in tow. Surprisingly, he sported a punchline laden flow, with rhymes like, "Cursing at you players worse than Marty Schottenheimer," and "I'll slit your motherfucking throat worse than Ron Goldman." But there was still the multi-syllabic lines that would later become a lyrical trait, "Extortion, snorting, supporting abortion/Pathological liar, blowing shit out of proportion/The looniest, zaniest, spontaneous, sporadic/Impulsive thinker, compulsive drinker, addict." Years later, this remains as one of Em's best songs and encapsulates the briefest of moments when he was an unknown rapper with a superstar flow. - Insanul Ahmed