Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: N.W.A. and the Posse
Label: Ruthless

This song wasn't even meant to be an Eazy-E song, much less his legendary debut. It was penned by Ice Cube for a group called H.B.O. on Ruthless Records but they passed on it. Their loss; the world's gain. Eazy might not have been the best technical rapper, but he was equipped with a zany voice that could deliver lines like, "Cruising down the street in my '64" in a way that pretty much no other human on the planet could. And although it wasn't the first song Dr. Dre produced, it was one of his first truly great beats oufitted with an unforgettable loop. N.W.A would go on to change the world, but this was the track that began their rise to the top. - Insanul Ahmed