Date: December 11, 1985

The Moment: Believe it or not, the Chicago Bears were once a dominant force in pro football, especially in the '80s, when they made a 15-1 regular season run. Even more incredible is the way they became a dominant force outside of pro football, thanks to a rap the team had written and recorded just after the 13th week of the season, the "Super Bowl Shuffle."

The Impact: The single was a huge hit, as America's fascination with the Bears' almost-perfect run to the Super Bowl grew, and made it all the way to the 41st spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Unsurprisingly, the Chicago Bears remain the only professional sports team to accomplish this feat.

The Upshot: You can't prove that the "Super Bowl Shuffle" helped the Bears absolutely clobber the Patriots in the Super Bowl that year, but they definitely did. The song was nominated for a Grammy (it lost, but still). A share of the profits from the record were donated to the Chicago Community Trust, which supposedly exceeded $300,000. Other teams would go on to try to replicate the success of the Bears (and their single), but none would come remotely close. Decades later, it would inspire one of the better oral histories the Internet has to offer.