The 25 Realest Rap Songs About Prison

Yo Gotti "25 To Life" (2006)

Producer: Carlos Brody
Album: Back 2 Da Basics
Label: TVT

Yo Gotti's "25 to Life," like many songs on this list, is a cautionary tale. To accentuate the solemn, melancholic production, Gotti underlines the lonely, repetitive torture of prison's day-to-day through a gimmick: each line is a play on the song's titular phrase. Everything is counted, not just the passage of time. 25 tears; 25 inmates with shanks; 25 visitors; 25 women who leave the main character within 2 and a half months. The narrative feels like being trapped inside a harrowing countdown that never ends—25 to infinity. —David Drake

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