The 25 Realest Rap Songs About Prison

Nas "One Love" (1994)

Producer: Q-Tip
Album: Illmatic
Label: Columbia

Q-Tip's jazzy soundscape and hypnotic two-word hook belie the bleakness of this Nasir Jones composition, which unfolds through a series of letters to incarcerated comrades that flip the title of Bob Marley's sunniest anthem into something much colder. "The first time I started seeing the words One Love was written in letters from some friends that was locked down," Nas once explained. "It always starts with, like, I hope you’re in the best of health. And then it would end on 'One Love.' And the letters that I wrote back I would write 'One Love.'"

Here his pen pours out a complex matrix of regrets—"when the cops came you shoulda slid to my crib"—and family tragedies, from the shooting of Jerome's niece and the birth of a son whose mother has already moved on, to Born's mom, who weeps at the sight of a family decimated by poverty and the ravages of the drug trade. Still the song's most heartbreaking line may be this defiantly delusional promise: "when you come home the corners is ours." Though the third verse offers a brief respite via weed smoke and creative release—"I take my pen and pad for the weekend"—Jake is always patiently waiting to catch you when you slip. —Rob Kenner

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