Producer: Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Nate "Danja" Hills
Album: FutureSex/Love Sounds

For a song that's about breaking up, this song manages to be smooth, velvety and self-assured. Not like we'd expect anything less from Justin, who even at his most heartbroken, appears to have it all together. Even as he proclaims that he thought about marrying his former flame, he's backing his own crooned-chorus with sexy little ad-libs. He's not guessing that his cheating ex will be punished for her transgression—he's sure she will be.

Even at his most arrogant, and backed by Arabian-esque samples, Justin doesn't sound a jerk. Instead, he does sound like any normal confused guy who is going through a tough break-up, just one who is guaranteed to get the last word. The closing sequence of this song has always felt kind of chilling, too. The fulfillment of Justin's prophecy about his philandering ex doesn't even bring him the pleasure he thought it would. —Caitlin White