Producer: Timbaland, Nate "Danja" Hills
Album: Curtis

50 Cent had difficulty getting a single to work in the months leading up to Curtis. The credit for the record that ignited a viable rollout strategy rightfully goes to "I Get Money," but "Ayo Technology" shouldn't be forgotten as a result. The Timbaland and Danja-produced ode to love in the digital age reached No. 5 on the Hot 100 (No. 1 in New Zealand if that counts for anything), and kept 50 Cent visible as he searched to find the true breadwinner for his third LP.

"Ayo Technology" certainly didn't perform as well as any of the involved parties would have liked, or expected, but charts and sales don't tell the entire story. We know, "Stronger" was the electro rap jam that dominated that summer, but put on "Ayo Technology" at a party and try to tell us that people don't love 50 and Justin's take on the style, too. Ernest Baker