Label: Elektra

It was more than just another hot solo Wu-Tang cut, and more than just ODB's first proper single, or his second-highest charting single next to "Got Your Money." Over the course of a few intro lines, one verse, and a "chorus" that only appeared once—and at the very end of the song—ODB showed the world two very, very important things: (1) He was a force onto his own, and one to be reckoned with, and (2) Brooklyn brings it harder, weirder, crazier, and more intensely than anyone else could or would. Listen to the way simple lines get warped by Dirty into a senseless manifesto about how fucked up he and the borough will bring it ("You can suck my dick" becomes "Youcan suck myDICKKKKKK"). The way Dirty interrupts himself to body-check another brilliant line on the track ("IntroducingYO FUCK THAT NI**A'S NAME/My Hip Hop drops on your head like rain").

And then, the chant, that spiritual at the end: If you didn't know just how worrisome of a place Brooklyn could be, Dirty has some news, spoken, and then, eventually, screamed, in case you didn't get it the first few times: Shame on you, when you step to, the Ol' Dirty Bastard/BROOKLYYYYYN ZOO.Foster Kamer