Label: Def Jam/Columbia Records

High-minded Riff Raff fans, take solace: In 25 years, perhaps your favorite joke rapper will be considered a classic as well. (The again, perhaps not.) That's the thing about the Beasties circa-Licensed to Ill, particularly, this ridiculously awesome and ridiculously awful anthem: It was all a joke that achieved legendary status. "No Sleep" wasn't really an ode to Brooklyn, it was an ode to rock 'n' roll life on the road, like Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" with none of the tact (and, thankfully, none of the schmaltz). MCA was the only member of the group who was actually from Brooklyn, but he wasn't available to wax too poetic about his home borough because he was, in the words of Ad-Rock, incapacitated in the back of the bus, "skeezin' with a whore." No, this wasn't the Adam Yauch of the Milarepa Fund, nor was it the Brooklyn of a Million Strollers. What is was, though, was a Brooklyn anthem that shouted (literally) "Brooklyn!" to the masses in a way that was as endemic to the BK as Ralph Kramden and Welcome Back Kotter—Jack Erwin