Label: Capitol Records

It's not nearly as famous as the Beasties' earlier BK anthem, "No Sleep Til Brooklyn." Hell, it doesn't even have its own track listing on the original CD issue of Paul's Boutique (instead listed as part of the larger "B-Boy Bouillabaisse"), but "Hello Brooklyn" is a pithy gem in its own right. Recorded when the Boys were based on the West Coast, it's a fitting ode to their hometown and also a near perfect piece of Beastiesiana, featuring both a reference to a classic '40s movie and a poetic depiction of clumsy young love ("Her breast, I saw, I reached, I felt"). Of course Brooklyn's a different place now than when MCA, Ad Rock, and Mike D talked about "stickin' up old ladies with the handgun or the sawed-off" (sidebar: BK old ladies are so gully you have to rob them with a shotgun?), so much so that when the borough landed its first major pro sports team in 50 years, the organization borrowed the name of this song for its marketing campaign. —Jack Erwin