In the wake of what has undoubtedly been one of the most interesting festival experiences that I’ve had to date, I find myself struggling with how to fully summarize what it is to be a part of the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. To say there is a complex, beautiful, and expansive ecosystem that surrounds this five-day cultural immersion is to undercut what that natural beauty represented to the people in attendance, as well as the music itself. To say that the environmental initiatives, guest speakers, and yoga workshops were merely a compliment to the outstanding collection of music and performance art that took place when the sun went down would be to discredit those who made the festival such an existential experience.

Yet somehow, even with this mass divergence of cultural, musical, and artistic expression coming together on the beaches of Uvitas, there is a defining theme throughout that I’ve only recently found myself able to retrospectively place my muddied finger on with some degree of confidence in my actions.

I once read that the feeling of pura vida can only be compared to the feeling one would get if they allowed their soul to take a much-needed shower. The feeling of removing the hassles, hashtags, obligations, and itineraries and truly being where you are with the people you’ve found is what truly stuck out to me about this festival, and while I’m here to discuss the music, it’s that defining connection that was present to guide us throughout it all.