Steve Aoki has announced that not only will he be taking his talents to the Hakkasan in Las Vegas, which ends his Wynn Las Vegas residency, which he had since 2010. His particular residency, which finds him joining Tiesto and Calvin Harris at the Hakkasan, shares the name with his next album, Neon Future:

He describes the musical concept for follow-up “Neon” as “bright and positive. The songs are more colorful. They’re more emotional. The music, for me, has evolved and changed. That’s a big part of why I want to name it ‘Neon Future.’ That’s why I want my party in Las Vegas. I wanted to really put a flag in the ground [that says] ‘This is the sound that you’ll experience at a party like this. When you walk in, the idea is you walk into a neon future. You walk into that world.’”

Neil Moffitt of Angel Management Group, Hakkasan’s partner in Vegas, supports Aoki’s futurism. “I want people who are prepared to keep moving the industry forward and keep making new goals and aspire to the next level,” Moffitt says of his requirements for a resident DJ. “Whether that be through performance integration or production or similar attributes. I think that Steve is one of those guys. I think they’re the flag bearers of the future.”

There's no real word on if this album is complete, and when we might hear it, but we can guarantee that just about anything of his that takes off on this night will likely be featured on Neon Future.