3. "Flashing Lights" (2008)

Director: Spike Jonze, Kanye West
Album: Graduation

As you've noticed up to this point, Kanye has a ton of avant garde, off-beat videos. He's not necessarily rapping in any of them, and he's not necessarily present in the videos either. "Flashing Lights" is one of those videos, but it executes that style on the highest level. It's such a simple video in essence, but every detail pops. A car pulls up with looming red taillights, a woman with unreal proportions, Rita G, exits, disrobes, and proceeds to murder Kanye with a shovel.

It's so suspenseful and calculated and perfectly time. The first emotions you feel after a viewing are amusement and shock. Kanye tries to bring the worlds of rap, pop, and art together and the official, final visual for "Flashing Lights" accomplishes that on the highest level he's ever done it. When asked about the video, vixen Rita G said, "Kanye is just on another level." She knows what she's talking about.