29. "Can't Tell Me Nothing" (2007) (Version 2)

Director: Michael Blieden
Album: Graduation

It's hard to decide which is better-Zach Galifianakis performing as Kanye West in silk pajamas or Zach Galifianakis performing as Kanye West in a corn field. Seeing as we get both of these in this alternative "Can't Tell Me Nothing" video directed by Michael Bliden, there's no need to decide. This video is the complete opposite of the original video shot by Hype Williams and is more of a parody on much of the songs lyrics-note Zach spitting how he's in a room full of hoes when he's actually surrounded by a field full of cows.

Kanye's bold move with the video was well received as both Rolling Stone and Pitchfork named it one of the best videos of 2007 and of the decade respectively.