Eight years ago, Kanye West said: "I TiVo rap videos so I can study them, to learn what steps to take to crush them all." In the time since, he's done that. Look at the list of music's most expensive videos. West is practically the only American artist in the new millennium to shell out over $1 million for a four-minute visual. And he came into the game with that passion, putting up $35,000 of his own earnings to produce a video for "Through The Wire"—before he had an album out. The art of visually representing a song clearly means a lot to him, and the work he's produced in that realm is as synonymous with his figure as his rhymes, beats, or style of dress.

In the midst of anticipating a new project from Kanye West, we've taken a long, hard-thought look back at some of his old work, in this case: His 42 music videos. From breakthrough clips like The College Dropout's "All Falls Down" to last year's "Mercy," we figured it's time to compare each and every one of West's video releases, if he's not going drop something new any time soon. Short films We Were Once a FairytaleRunaway, and Cruel Summer aside, here's a comprehensive look at the entirety of Yeezy's videography. Yup, we're Ranking All 42 of Kanye West's Music Videos. Someone has to do it.

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