Mr. Vega has been on the verge of bubbling for way too long. He's known within the industry as 1/2 of Sazon Booya, the duo that produces their own style of insane Moombahton and come equipped with their own masked mascot, Mysterio.

And as much fun as Sazon Booya has, they both take their work incredibly seriously. Mr. Vega is branching out on his own for this release, and straying from the electronic sounds we have gotten to know him for. Trap For The First Time is a stab at anyone that doesn't know his background making rap music. He's incredibly diverse as a producer, and certainly has been dipping from genre to genre for the past dozen-plus years he's been making music.

Mr. Vega offered us a premiere off of this record, and were enamored with the first track on the release, "Ratchet Ass On The Flo". It honestly struck us as a split-personality track. The deep bass sits opposite the spastic synths, and a slightly off-key vocal from Jay Romance pulls the spectrum of the track together. Don't take us the wrong way though. This odd combination of sounds comes off INCREDIBLY TOUGH. This is nothing like anything we've ever heard.

The rest of this EP is insane though, and truly explores different feels within a genre that is still figuring out where it wants to settle. His collaboration on "Thai" with David Heartbreak drifts from a melodic background with punchy samples, to a heavy center where the vocals breathe a bit. And we're certainly fans of the star-studded remix of "I'm Livin'."

Here's a stream of the entire six-track EP, which is out now: