He's consistently relevant.

He's consistently relevant.

For what's been close to a decade, you'd be hard-pressed to find a year, month, or week in which Lil Wayne hasn't done something headline-worthy. Even while incarcerated, his output never slowed thanks to a pre-prison schedule that included shooting several music videos a day, on top of his already prolific recording habits.

Wayne's work ethic is a different beast than the Struggle Rapper's "I'm going to keep making music even though no one's checking for it" persistence. People are checking for Lil Wayne's music, even if it's just to trash it. When Wayne releases material, it matters, and despite how jaded the rap community's become towards his omnipresence, there are still plenty who appreciate what he brings to the conversation, and use their hard-earned dollars to support that.

It's difficult to deny a guy who's always all over the radio and other artists songs as anything but "hot." Which brings us to the next point...

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