We've established that it's extremely fashionable to hate Lil Wayne these days, but the same people talking down on him on Twitter know every word of his "terrible" verse on "Pop That." There's a reason why his latest single, "Love Me," was just in the top 10 on the Billboard pop charts. He also helped take "The Motto" and "Bandz A Make Her Dance" to the top of the rap charts. Even singles like "No Worries" and "My Homies Still," that eventually cooled off, broke the into the Top 40.

Some might argue that chart statistics are useless and don't actually speak to the quality of his music, but come on. There's one reason why all of these songs are so successful: They're good. The millions of people buying Lil Wayne's music on iTunes, streaming it on Spotify and YouTube, and requesting it on the radio can't all be wrong.