Producer: Jermaine Dupri, Mariah Carey
Album: #1's
Label: Columbia

"'Sweetheart' was after 'Always Be My Baby,' so it was always like we had to do it because it was a hit record. 'Always Be My Baby,' at that time, was like the biggest song I ever had. The biggest song that I ever worked with and the biggest song I ever produced, [so] I got to get her on my album. I was like, 'What song are we going to do?'

"She gave me that song, actually. That song was her idea for us to do. I wasn't really up on the song, she gave me the record and was like, 'We should do this song. You don't remember this song, Jermaine?' I was like, 'No.' But once I heard it I was like, 'I feel you.' She's the same person to this day. She knows all these singers and records that these big vocalists sing. I was like, 'We definitely should do this.' So I put a beat on it to make it my version and make it a rap version."