Producer: Jermaine Dupri
Album: Beware of Dog
Label: So So Def

"'Bounce with Me' was like an introduction record again. I had to go back and introduce a new artist, so what song do I introduce this artist with? 'Bounce with Me' was that song that I introduced, an opportunity to introduce a new artist to the marketplace. I knew it had to be as sparse as possible, and knew that it had to be brilliant at the same time, to the point that you could look at him and get what he was and understand what you were dealing with. I had to face the fact that he wasn't Kris Kross; he was completely different, so I couldn't really use the same thing that I used for Kris Kross with Bow Wow. And I didn't want to, either, so I was trying to come up with his own little thing and his niche.

I tried to make him be as relevant to what was going on with radio at that time, but in a little kid's body. That's where 'Bounce with Me' came from. I used a format that was still what people were doing. Everybody was saying, 'Bounce With Me' or 'let me see you bounce.' So I was just like, let's make a record that basically had the same ingredients as 'Jump.' Like, what is hip-hop doing right now? In '92, hip-hop was jumping. In 2002, hip-hop was bouncing. I used that same mentality."