Producer: Jermaine Dupri
Album: Totally Krossed Out
Label: So So Def/Ruffhouse/Columbia

"It was a record that probably took like 30 minutes, once I got the idea of what it was. It was an idea to try to create a call and response record, something that everybody could be a part of. They were kids, and I knew that it needed a thing to attach to it. It was an overall idea. I saw everybody jumping at most of the concerts at this time of me going to concerts. It was like, I should make a song about what I see.

"I met Kris and Chris actually walking through the mall; they were shopping. And the people were paying attention to them, which made me say, if they had a record, they would be crazy. They could turn into something. [It was] just an idea from there, and my mind just started racing. 'Jump' is what got So So Def, because at that point, if you create one artist, the labels started looking for you, and they start trying to court you to do more."